My MIND Voyage – Bronze

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An introduction to the benefits of a MIND Exercise Physiologist to get you on the road to a great, mobile lifestyle.

  • My Mind Voyage eBook with 12-month subscription
  • 2 x 45-minute EP private consultation sessions
  • Personal screening and assessments with latest health technologies
  • 1 x 30-minute virtual telehealth session adding education and interpretation to your skillset


The gift of well-being with a MIND professional Exercise Physiologist

Bronze Wellness Package:

  • My Mind Voyage | eBook interactive journal experience
    • Schedule | 1 year subscription
  • Exercise Physiology Consultations | 2 x 45-minute
    • Schedule | Weekly
  • Screens and Assessments | Body composition, circumferences and MoovmentPro scans for an understanding of how your body is made up, along with basic functional movement assessments and how you move.
    • Schedule | Before weekly intervention
  • Telehealth ‘Roadmap’ Consultation | 1 x 30-minute, designed to establish a foundation, strategy and plan moving forward in your rehabilitation, exercise journey or getting you back on track.
    • Schedule | First session following screen and assessments