My MIND Voyage – Platinum

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An introduction to the benefits of a MIND Exercise Physiologist to get you on the road to a great, mobile lifestyle.

  • My Mind Voyage eBook with 12-month subscription
  • 30 x 45-minute EP private consultation sessions
  • Personal screening and assessments with latest health technologies
  • 4 x 30-minute virtual telehealth session adding education and interpretation to your skillset


The gift of well-being with a MIND professional Exercise Physiologist

Platinum Wellness Package:

  • My Mind Voyage | eBook interactive journal experience
    • Schedule | 1 year subscription
  • Exercise Physiology Consultations | 30 x 45-minute
    • Schedule | x16 weekly sessions, transitioning into x14 fortnightly
  • Screens and Assessments | Body composition, circumferences and MoovmentPro scans for an understanding of how your body is made up, along with basic functional movement assessments and how you move.
    • Schedule | 4 x first to be completed at the start, two in the middle and one at the end of wellness package. This will allow for us to track and adjust program according to results.
  • Telehealth ‘Roadmap’ Consultation | 4 x 30-minute, designed to establish a foundation, strategy and plan moving forward in your rehabilitation, exercise journey or getting you back on track.
    • Schedule | To be completed following screens and assessments