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MIND Revolution

“Our way of thinking”

“You can’t innovate within your comfort zone. You can’t explore possibility trapped in trauma. Through our own experiences we pave the way for others to understand and be comfortable with what they are dealing with and to believe there is always a way forward.”

To change the conversation and exercise blueprint to encompass all dimensions of health through mind and movement training.

We are all movement creatures; by reconnecting your body to its fundamental roots, it’s our mission to show people they aren’t defined by their trauma. We inspire change, empower minds, and help people conquer life’s adversities.

The intention of the MIND anchors is to provide a firm foundation and powerful source of motivation with a focus on education around how you feel. We can’t just focus on one aspect of life, everything is interlinked and integrated, therefore we must explore all of your bodies amazing wonders.

MY MIND | Positive emotions ignite the energy that drives optimal health and wellness. By developing rituals, we challenge you to become mindful and aware of different signals from your body. We want to establish an internal climate that focuses on developing a positive self-monologue.

MY MVMT | It’s our mission to show people they aren’t defined by their ‘trauma’. Recovering energy is just as important as expending it and we find the perfect balance for optimal performance and physical well-being. We want you to feel strong, move well and move often.

MY CXN | We are extremely disconnected and desensitised from the world in which we have evolved. Our connection with earth, with our counterparts and with ourselves has been lost. So, within this MIND anchor we explore your relationships, your kindred spirit with nature, the people that you are surrounded by, your community and your self-awareness.

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