With so much of our lives locked into the workplace we twist the terminology from work/life to life/work balance and provide end-to-end solutions from assessment to conclusion.

As an accredited Exercise Physiology and Sport Science clinic our services meet the requirements of NDIS, DVA, TAC, Medicare, Workcover and private health insurance providers therefore aligning to each and every employee within the mission, vision and workplace philosophies of the organisation.

By offering in-house, on-demand services our team can provide validated health checks, functional and operational assessments and professional advice and intervention all under private and secure confidentiality for confidence.

Virtual services including telehealth and virtual programs allow us to work extensively with corporations and their staff on a local, national and international basis.

Heath Checks


Healthy staff equals healthy business.

The facts are clear that a well motivated and supported team are the most productive and our health check services ensure everyone is working safely, efficiently and in good spirit too.

All services are provided by trained and accredited staff with reliability in order to connect directly to intervention and health services where required. All of these services are reinforced with direct support to NDIS, DVA, TAC, Medicare, Workcover and private health insurance providers for peace of mind and confidence.

  • Heart health
  • Posture and functional movement
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Body composition and anthropometry
  • Grip strength and cognition
  • In-job physical analysis
  • Concussion tracking
  • Longitudinal wellness tracking

From the shop floor to the board room, inspiring a fluid and motivational workplace is the outcome our clients experience.

  • Workshops to INSPIRE change
  • My Mind Voyage journal experience to GUIDE change
  • Technologies to TRACK change
  • Expertise to REINFORCE change
  • Empathy to REFLECT change
  • Allied health to SUPPORT change
  • Chief Venture to LEAD change


Corporate Inspiration

Chief Venture


To provide high performance corporate athletes with an integrated health and wellness experience.

  • Custom designed packages to suit individual needs and interests
  • Flexible pricing to maximise the most effective ROI
  • Directly connected to corporate inspiration programs for the ultimate corporate connectivity
  • Proven retention of senior management and board members
  • Fantastic motivator for the productive executive


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