With decades of experience in managing draft combines, athlete development and sport coaching across our team, we are empathetic to the journey of the athlete, coach and boot-room team too.

Today we have the benefit to identify injury risk well ahead of it being over-loaded and cause long-term damage so our team work in partnership with our sporting clients to objectify athlete performance in isolation.

Applying latest technologies under GPTQA conditions for validity with accredited Applied Sport Scientists, we can reinforce the club and connect services that are normally expensive or provided by interns. All of our team are trained, certified and accredited for the purpose.

Talent identification is a major part of club success so we integrate the performance testing event with health checks to protect the athlete too. A fully managed trials event can be organised for your club ensuring an unbiased and objective approach for all athletes plus allowing the coach to be selective uniquely from a sport specificity lens.

Our on-demand services provide comprehensive support anywhere across Australia or internationally.

Fitness & Function Testing


Our team have two-decades of experience in professional fitness and functional testing for athletes across multiple codes including motor sport, football, AFL, netball, basketball, NFL, hockey, roller hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, swimming, athletics and more.

Ideal services for schools and sporting clubs to identify strengths and weaknesses in athlete and coach development strategies.

  • Fitness testing
    • Acceleration and speed
    • Repeat sprint and recovery
    • Endurance
    • Agility and ability
    • Range of motion
    • Power and strength
    • Reaction and cognition
    • Functional stability and mobility
    • Sport specificity
    • Change or direction
    • Body composition, posture and anthropometry
    • VO2Max and health checks
    • Concussion tracking

All services are provided under GPTQA conditions for validity and reliability by professionally trained staff and supported with full reporting and data interpretation services.


Using an array of technologies applied by trained and accredited Applied Sport Scientists, we offer unbiased assessment services supported by intervention expertise.

The MIND philosophy ensures that the clients teams are aligned to the data and have full support ongoing for the athletes rehabilitation program.

Early identification of high risk to injury is now feasible thanks to great technologies.

  • 3D anthropometry and static posture analysis
  • 3D full body scanning
  • 3D functional movement scanning
  • Body composition analysis
  • Digital dynamometers for linb strength and power
  • Range of motion sensors
  • Reaction and cognition tools
  • Concussion testing and diagnostics
  • Health checks and heart rate monitoring

Services are available in our on-demand service.

Injury Prevention

Talent Identification


Comprehensive event management of trials or draft combines including the provision of professional test staff, technologies and athlete management solutions.

Our team have provided assessment and talent identification services for leading codes including the NFL, AFL, football (soccer & rugby), NBL, Netball, Australian Roller Hockey, Field Hockey and more.

Our services have been provided in the UK, Europe, India, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa.

All events are managed under the strict guidelines of GPTQA to guarantee validity, consistency and reliability for confidence in the data and reporting.

Additional services include data interpretation, report writing and event management.


Coaches are the front line to promote and encourage active living and healthy lives so we ensure they are prepared and tooled up with the right resources to provide the very best care and development to their athletes.

  • Support in data interpretation
  • Professional development in applied testing technologies and protocols
  • Resources that refine the exercise physiology program aligned to sporting national curriculums
  • Pre-organised session plans for teams around cognition, mobility, stability and functional performance
  • Ongoing direct support from the MIND team of Exercise Physiologists, Sport Scientists and Applied Technicians
  • Workshops and meet-ups to upskill and refine their expertise

Coach Development

Concussion Tracking


Concussion in sport has become a pandemic resulting in many associated injuries and long-term health issues. Many of these can be prevented with early diagnosis and education to the communities around the players.

MIND are part of the #ConcussionTimeForChange program offering resources, education and services to sporting clubs nationally in a campaign to increase knowledge and reduce repeat injuries.

  • Professional testing services using the latest technologies in ocular tracking
  • Pre-test and post-test resources for players (and parents) to understand the signs and symptoms of potential concussion and TBI’s
  • Posters and workshops for committees, coaches, players and parents on the short, medium and long-term effects of concussion and TBI events

For advice on how concussion can impact your club, contact us for a meeting.

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Professional Development

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