My Mind Voyage


Initiated in 2014, My Mind Voyage is much more than a journal. It is a raw nerve poker, eye-opening self-reflection journey that offers ideas, resources and primitive ideas on how you and your environment intertwine.

Innovatively integrating QR codes within the fully illustrated physical journal, your voyage can be fully online too.

“It’s like one of those old adventure books where you decide on the outcome. Do I choose red and turn to page 11 or blue and head to page 42? The only difference is that this is my journal and I am the author.”

My Inspiration Never Dies is all about you and your life voyage so we are always keen to help individuals and large groups therefore provide inclusive workshops and are always seeking to co-author the My Mind Voyage journal for special groups, leaders and people with a story to tell.


Writing a book is a powerful experience on its own and we are always keen to explore opportunities to co-author a My Mind Voyage journal experience with people from all walks of life.

Our program follows the three phases and twenty-four chapter titles as a backbone to the journal and we sit with you to initially deconstruct your story before reconstructing it into a unique reader experience.

Think of the original My Mind Voyage as the blank exercise book for the reader and your personal journal is the story behind the experiences providing an empathetic idea or solution to the readers problems and barriers to achieving their own goals.

If you are interested in co-authoring a My Mind Voyage with us or represent someone with a story to tell, please contact us by clicking the link below to organise an initial meeting.

“You are the author of the book of your life.”


Custom Experience


The power of the My Mind Voyage journal experience is not solely in the pages but in the connectivity it has within teams, working groups and communities.

We offer an inclusive service to adapt the content of the journal around the proven context of the three phases and twenty-four chapters specifically to your brand and philosophies creating a uniquely branded mindfulness and well-being program.

Working in partnership with your executive team we identify your mission and values and then align these with the terminology of your organisation to create your co-branded solution.

To organise a meeting and discuss your organisational approach to staff and team well-being, please contact us through the link below.