Extend your range of professional services to your clients, staff or community by utilising our on-demand services.

  • Applied Exercise Physiologists
  • Applied Sport Scientists
  • Technologies
    • 3D Posture & Anthropometry
    • 3D Movement Analysis
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Reaction & Cognition Assessment
    • Fitness & Performance Testing
      • Timing Gates
      • Force Plates
      • Dynamometers
    • Concussion Testing & Baselining
    • Range Of Motion
  • Game & Training Coding & Analysis Services

Perfect for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, sport coaches, general practitioners, allied health professionals and professional workplaces.


There is a fine line when transitioning into allied health and healthcare services so we offer peace of mind and confidence to partners wishing to extend services of preventative care and rehabilitation to their clients.

Our shop-in-shop model provides an inclusive and dedicated service within your gym, sporting club, school or workplace allowing your clients, staff or community to benefit from accredited health services in-house without the need of investment in technologies, trained professionals and the necessary certifications.

  • Professional Applied Exercise Physiologists & Applied Technicians
  • Access the latest assessment and diagnostic technologies
  • Revenue generation model
  • Comprehensive business development and client relationship support
  • Direct integration to your existing business administration strategy